Boat Storage Rules & Requirements

The HYC Boat Storage Rules and Requirements are intended to promote regular and active sailing by HYC Members and the general condition of the HYC site. These Rules and Requirements supersede all prior rules, regulations, or understandings relating to boat storage at HYC and have been approved by HYC Membership as of the date reflected below. These Rules and Requirements apply to all boats on the HYC site, including but not limited to the surface lot, beachfront, or moorings.

The HYC Officers reserve the right to amend these Rules and Requirements as may be necessary to comply with Air Force Base Regulations without prior notice to or approval of Club Membership.

  1. Storage of boats at HYC is a privilege of HYC Membership, not a right.
  2. Storage of boats and trailers is subject to availability and must be pre-approved by and coordinated with the Port Captain and/or Harbormaster (collectively, “PC/HM”).
  3. First-time storage assignment will be based upon a first-come, first-pay basis. Members who have been assigned a storage space will be given priority to renew their assigned space each year, subject to paragraph 6 below.
  4. It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure their boat(s) and equipment are within the confines of their assigned space(s).
  5. Members will be limited to only one storage site of the same type (i.e., one surface lot, one beach front, one mooring site, etc.) unless vacant spaces are available.
  6. Members may not allow non-members to store boats on the HYC grounds without PC/HM approval, and if approved, for a period of no longer than seven (7) days.
  7. The PC/HM may reassign storage spaces to improve the safety or the efficiency of the storage area at their discretion.
  8. All boats stored at HYC must be maintained in good-working, sailable condition with current state registration displayed. 
  9. All boats stored at HYC must have liability insurance coverage. Proof of current insurance must be submitted to the Club annually.
  10. “Project Boats,” those requiring work to be made sailable, require HYC Officer approval to be stored at the Club. A “Project Boat worksheet” setting forth the work to be done and timeline for completion shall be submitted to the PC/HM for review and approval before the boat may be stored on site.
  11. All boats over 8 feet in length must have a trailer on site. All boats must be able to be removed from the premises by the owner within 48 hours.
  12. All trailers/dollies must be road-worthy and in good repair.  HYC reserves the right to repair flat tires and bill Members for the repair. The minimum charge for tire repair will be $100.00 per tire. Trailers must have the Member’s name displayed on the tongue of the trailer.
  13. Sailboats less than 16′ in length will not be assigned mooring sites unless vacant sites are available. 
  14. All moored boats must be self-bailing or covered. 
  15. Members with moored boats are responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of their boats and dock lines. Members must purchase replacement lines from the PC/HM to ensure they are of sufficient quality and strength. Neither HYC nor the PC/HM is responsible for monitoring the condition of moored boats at any time, including during adverse weather events. 
  16. If a moored boat takes on water and begins to list or sink, Members must have the boat pumped out or raised at their expense within 2 weeks of becoming aware of or being placed on notice of the boat’s condition. Requests for extension of time within which to remediate the boat’s condition may be granted by HYC Officers upon good cause shown.  If a Member fails to take remedial action, HYC, may, at its discretion, arrange for remediation and assess the Member the cost of doing so. The minimum charge will be $500.00. Failure to reimburse HYC for remediation costs will result in the loss of mooring/storage privileges. 
  17. A transfer of boat ownership by a Member does not result in the transfer of the assigned boat storage space to the new boat owner.  To be eligible for storage space, new owners must 1) be Members in good standing, and 2) must request and receive pre-approval approval from the PC/HM. The PC/HM will then assign a storage space if available.
  18. HYC is responsible for mowing common areas and the general area around boats; however, Members are responsible for keeping vegetation immediately surrounding and under their boats maintained and under control. Members are responsible for keeping their assigned trailer space(s) in good order: weeds and brush must be cleared by May 15th, July 15th, and Sept. 15th. A $25.00 charge may be assessed for each instance of non-compliance. The PC/HM may also require additional space maintenance if necessary.
  19. If the PC/HM determines that a boat or trailer is in a non-working condition or in an advanced state of disrepair, boat owners shall have 30 days from the date of notice from the PC/HM to correct the condition or the boat / trailer may be removed at the Member’s risk and expense and without further notice. 
  20. Should Members fail to pay overdue storage fees or to remove boat(s), trailer(s), or other personal property from the HYC site following written Notice from the Commodore to do so, HYC reserves the right to take the following actions:
    • Exercise its storage facility lien rights pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. §66-31-105. HYC may advertise the property for sale and will recover from the sale proceeds any past due storage fees plus the expenses associated with the sale of the property.  If a sale occurs, HYC will refund any amount received in excess of the fees and expenses.
    • Deliver the property to the Member’s last known address and assess the costs of such delivery to the Member. 
    • Take appropriate legal action as may be required to recover the costs associated with disposal of abandoned property.  Members agree to reimburse HYC the cost of any attorneys’ fees or costs associated such legal action.
  21. Annual storage fees and assessments collected will be earmarked for the purpose of defraying the costs associated with storage area and dock maintenance. However, this income may be used for other HYC operational expenses as authorized by the HYC Membership by majority vote of those in attendance at a regular membership meeting.   

Approved by HYC Membership on May 12, 2023.